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My Dear Brother — from George Teed (?) at Unadilla New York to Cyrus Teed[?] — February 25, 1887
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Written from Unadilla New York which is a town between Delaware and Otsego Counties. It is about 75 miles south of New Hartford. The letter deals with the death of Charles Teed, brother of Cyrus and begins; "With a sad heart I will try to write a few lines to you to let you know a little more about poor Charley's death. Dr. and Amanda has just been up to call on Amelia and they brought down some letters for us to read, one from you and one from Emma. The writer also tells of Charley's last hours; "Amelia said just before he died his heart beat so hard that it would jar the bed. They think he had his senses until the last but couldn't talk for a little while before he breathed his last. Amelia says about the las he said, he looked up, and says Amelia, see those beautiful streets, and tried to raise her hand as though he wanted to point up." The remainder of the letter deals with the events surrounding the death.
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