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November 24, 1882
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1page8x10 in.
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My darling Oleo margarine — Plymouth to Moravia New York.
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Dated; "Plymouth Sunday eve Nov 24, 1882", however, November 24th was a Friday. Teed speaks of Christmas and December 24th was a Sunday in 1882. Teed is apparently writing to his wife. He laments that he has nothing to do on this Sunday except "...sleeping late in the morning, attending church and eating. I have succeded [sic] in seeing off another Sunday among strangers..." "I am not in the habit of making the best use of time, I accordingly devote some of the intervening time ["to bed time" crossed out.] before retiring, for the night to, to, to, to, to, to, well, never mind, I will try to amuse myself, if no body else." Sounding very sorry for himself, he says; "...I would like to have heard from our house, ere this, but I suppose I have not been thought of much,..." He describes the comfortable conditions he is working under. He jokes about setting aside this "...sheet until I have ocupied [sic] a pair of sheets..." He closes the section written in ink by saying he want to "...get this trash in the mail bag and en route for Moravia." From there the letter is in pencil, written on Monday, [November 25]. "According to promise I wish you a thrice happy merry Christmas, but shall scarce realise one my self, as I am doomed to work alone all day..."
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