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Dates of Creation:
May 31, 1879
Extent of Description:
3 pages 8x9.5 —1pp. : 5x8 —2pp.
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Dear Family and Friends — Letter from Spartanburg, North Carolina
Scope & Content:
This letter, although 3 pieces of paper, was written out in eight panels. The geographical destination is unclear, but it is assumed that it was going to the Teed family in New York. The letter begins; "Dear Family and Friends generally. Although I date Spartanburg I am at this writing some 22 miles west in the country, I can scarse [sic] realize the fact that more than one thousand miles intervene between myself and "home sweet home" my passage through Virginia and North Carolina ocupyed [sic] two days and one night..." He goes on to describe the area as being desolate with occasional "...oacises [sic] of luxurious growths of grain and vegitables..." Jesse also talks about condition with regard to the war between the states. He says "...we have been told (by those professing to know) that rebellion is as rampant now as ever..." He goes on to dispute that by saying that "...the people, white or dark are decidedly religious, better specimines [sic] of humanity I have never had the pleasure [of] meeting..." The remainder of the letter goes on to discount what Teed considers to be fallacies concerning the south. He closes by assuring his family of his safety and comfort.
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