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Dates of Creation:
August 7
Extent of Description:
1page, plus envelope5x8 in.
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Emma, My Dear Little Sister — Letter to Emma Norton — Binghampton NY to Walton NY — c/o Asa Wakeman
Scope & Content:
Letter begins, "My Dear little Sister." He asks Emma why she doesn't write and asks why his father "...addresses my letters S.R. Teed. I don't spell Cyrus with an S." Teed also says that he is "...continually growing toward God and no matter how discouraging my work may look to others I am progressing to the completion to a final and absolute conjunction with My Lord the Christ of God." In the closing of the letter, Teed signs the letter; "Your Loving Cyrus". He then writes at the bottom; "Cyrus Cyrus, C R Teed C R R, C.

The envelope has "Care of Asa Wakeman" on the front, as well as "Asa must be Malora's husband". This was apparently wirtten some time later by an unknown person, archvist, or?
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Envelope - to Mrs. Emma NortonEnvelope - to Mrs. Emma Norton
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