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March 1887
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1page, plus envelope8x10.5 in.
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Darling Emma — Letter to Emma Norton — Chicago to Moravia
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Teed writes to his sister describing the seal on the membership certificate of the College of Life. He says; "Our college seal with which the certificates are stamped has on it 'World's College of Life' over the top of the circle. On the lower segment is 'Vincit Qui se Vincit'. This means in english, 'He Conquores [sic] who overcomes himself'. The figure you will see is an eagle in the clouds. The eagle is the symbol of knowledge. The clouds signify the word in its literal or scientific sense or degree, that is, the divine science." eTeed also describes the meetings that are being held. He says; "Our society meets once a week and we take in from 3 to 9 members at every meeting, besides taking in from one to two every day when the socity does not meet. I wish you could be here and see the enthusiasm in our meeting " Teed closes by urging his sister to send in her certificate of membership and to ask their father, Jesse Teed if he wants a certificate too. The letterhead states "The Mental Science National Association." The envelope has "c/o J.S. Teed" written in the lower left corner.
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