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A collection of items loaned to KSHS by Ruth Campbell Mason. Items pertaining to the history of the Park and the Koreshans were scanned.
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Campbell—Trebell Collection:
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Campbell—Trebell Virtual Donation:
This collection was available to us on a temporary basis. We scanned what was of interest to the park. These items are ONLY available on disk. Also see AM—0152 for a few items from a previous donation for which we have originals.

This collection is located on CD — Disk # AM—0158 located in Miscellaneous, Box—2, Folder AM—0152 (along with the original documents in that folder).

Contents of original temporary loan: (Note: not all these items were scanned and placed on the CD).

1. News—Press article (n.d.) — "Longtime resident recalls 68 years of growth and change"— by Deborah Sharp. (Note: the date was sometime during the Reagan administration due to an article on the back which mentions Ronald R. as president.
2. A photocopy of 2 photographs showing Jane Isabella Logan as a child with her family. (condition is fair).
3. A letterhead for Tropical Fruit Produces — Edith Trebell
4. A News—Press article, dated November 18, 1961 announcing the foundation of the Koreshan State Park.
5. A form letter from the Armstrong—Emley Crankless Engine Company, signed by E.H. Armstrong (photocopy)
6. The Bonita Banner, dated November 23, 1961, addressed to Mrs. Henry Hall of Estero — story on the formation of the Koreshan State Park.
7. Part of a Bonita Banner from May 18, 1961 showing a photo of the Koreshan Tea Garden.
8. Part of the Tampa Tribune, dated July 20, 1958 with an article on the Koreshans, featuring a picture of Allen Andrews. Note that the article is full of glaring errors.
9. An original letter, from P.W. Campbell to "My Dears", dated 21 November 1926. The letterhead is the "Penn—Post Hotel, New York City".
10. An invoice from the Lee County Packing Company , dated February 27, 1928 for P.W. Campbell for 26 boxes of Ponciana Grapefruit.
11. A Letter from Layard Campbell to his parents, dated 9 October 1918. The letterhead of P.W. Campbell Co. Labeling and overhauling of canned goods.
12. A pencil sketch of the Koreshan grounds (Brothers Log House in back?) — Back says: "September 21, 1902 Copied from one of August 27, 1899."
13. A newspaper clipping entitled, "The Passing Scene" from the Fort Myers News Press (?), no date. Shows the "Hill & Co." garage on Second Street.
14. A photocopy of three photographs — the second shows the same as #13, above. The first apparently shows the inside of the garage and the third shows two children on a tricycle.
15. Handwritten music "To Edith (Trebell) from Annie Lee — The Lumberjack Song"
16. A pencil drawing showing an unknown woman at a spinning wheel.
17. A four page section f the Fort Myers News Press, dated November 10, 1942. Interesting pieces on tires, a cartoon ad for Prather's Laundry and a racist cartoon, "This Curious World" talking about how the Japanese don't use soapů
18. A photograph, printed as a Half—Tone, shows P.W. Campbell, Leroy Lamoreaux, Mrs. Hays, Stewart, Mrs. Dudley Andrews, unk and Jennie Campbell sitting on a palm log.
19. Peter William Campbell's Certificate of Naturalization, dated 26 September 1922.
20. A photocopy/Scan of a pencil portrait of Peter William Campbell. n.d.
21. A page from a photo scrapbook — 2 sides, 8 photographs. They show some sort of expedition, two show a group of Seminoles. The other four show swampy areas—location unknown. This could be Layard and Edith ??
22. Another page from what appears to be the same photo scrapbook — This has 8 photos, one side shows Edit Trebell(?) in a tropical setting. There is an enlargement of one of these photos elsewhere which is captioned, "Edith, 1908 California" The other side shows three buildings, presumably in California as well..
23. A large photo of Edith Trebell(?)
24. A half—tone photo of the old Fruit Store, now Estero Realty on US—41.
25. A print of a sketch by W. Harold Hancock shows "San Carlos Marina"??
26. A certificate from the "New York German Conservatory of Music" presented to Edith Campbell on June 19, 1907.

Items in the archive box:

1. A photo scrapbook, consisting of 25 pages, with photos on both sides of each page. Some are repeats of photos we already have, but many are new to our collection.
2. A recent handwritten note showing the dates for the marriage of P.W. Campbell and Jennie Logan, and the full names of their children, David Layard Logan and Edith Mabel [Trebell].
3. The "prayer card" from the Annual Solar Festival, dated October 20, 1984.
4. A commemorative postcard from December 2, 1995 celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Estero Post Office.
5. An envelope addressed to Edith Trebell, Estero Florida, from Robert Graham. Inside the envelope are:
a. A letter from Robert to Edit, dated August 21, 1945
b. A letter from Robert to Edith, dated September 5, 1945
c. A letter from Robert to Edith, dated August 29, 1945
d. A letter from Robert to Edith, dated August 14, 1945
e. A postcard, signed "C. Cross" to Robert Graham asking about the availability of lots in Estero
6. A letter, with envelope, from Eleanor Castle, living in Chicago, to "Mrs. Peter [Jennie} Campbell", upon the death pf P.W. Campbell, written December 4, 1935.
7. An envelope containing deeds and tax receipts, including a document dissolving Edith Trebell's partnership with Leroy Lamoreaux.
8. An envelope containing 40 photographs and photo—post cards, along with a newspaper clipping from the 95th Lunar Festival, a funeral card for Leroy Lamoreaux and a commemorative card for the Florida Trailblazers from 11 February 1931. Finally, a commencement announcement for H.M. Stephens (Mace Stephens).
9. A plastic bag with Christmas cards and letters from Ralph (Churchill??), Claude Rahn and others. This includes a lot of letters to Edith Trebell.
10. Four document protectors containing photographs — all are identified.
11. Three letters, in document protectors, from George Hunt to Peter Campbell and Claude Rahn concerning the purchase of a bread machine, and other power related material, plus information about a shipment of fruit.
12. A letter, with envelope, from Ruth Boomer Thomas to Edith Trebell, postmarked 1920 — A thank you note as well as mention of Walter Thomas, Ruth's husband. Her address is on the letterhead.
13. A copy of P.W. Campbell's "Declaration of Intention" from Multnomah County Oregon, dated 3 November 1884.. (This item was encapsulated).
14. A plastic bag containing some postcards from Layard Campbell, to his sister, Edith Trebell — various dates. Also some Koreshan literature from the 1960's.
15. A letter (7 April 1904.) from Victoria Gratia (Annie Ordway) to Peter and Jennie Campbell, thanking them for "package after package" of some sort of food. Victoria speaks of heading for Boston for two months after the dedication of the Printing House.
16. Five letters, each in a document holder, concerning various Campbell businesses:
a. Letterhead from "Campbell Strapping" — no date. From "P" (Peter Campbell.
b. Letterhead P.W. Campbell Labeling, dated December 21, 1918, to "My Dearest" — 3 pages.
c. Letterhead, PW Campbell Griplock Tools — Aug. 10, 1923 to "My Dear Edith and Raymond"
d. Letterhead — "Penn—Post Hotel", New York — dated November 27, 1926 to "My Dears".
e. Letterhead "Fruit Nut Packing Corp", New York — Dated November 17, 1927, to "Dear Father" from Layard.
17. Clipping — A letter from Leroy Lamoreaux taking issue with a story that appeared in the "Southwest Floridian" about papaya growing, dated June 24, 1934.
18. Tax receipt for Edith Trebell, May 15, 1946.
19. Newspaper clipping from the News—Press (?), October 1985 about the Solar Festival. — includes pictures. (2 pages).
20. Letter from Robert Graham to Edith Trebell, dated August 4, 1945.
21. Letter from Layard to "Mother" dated 22 April 1929.
22. American Eagle clipping from January 1974 announcing the death of Edith Trebell (photo).
23. Tax receipt for P.W. Campbell dated 1913.
24. Price List for Tropical Fruit Products Company.
25. Flyer, or bag from the "Basket Grocery" in Portland Oregon.
26. A property map, drawn on Koreshan stationary, showing the ownership of the land in the area of the present day Park.
27. "The Scotch Colony — The Story of 1873" — A Genealogy book about the emigrants from Aberdeen to Nova Scotia.
28. A Red Folder marked "Mitchell" which contains the following:
a. A photograph of a group of Koreshans standing in front of the Tea Garden. Edith Campbell Trebell is on the far right.
b. A small brochure for the Florida Centennial in Tallahassee, November 1924.
c. A newspaper clipping from the Fort Myers News—Press, July 18, 1970. A story about the "Trailblazers", including a picture.
d. A letter from a George Smith to Henry Silverfriend, dated June 16, 1928, confirming an offer to sell a plot of land.
e. A brochure fro the "International Repertoire Company" (n.d.). Thomas Trebell was the General Manger.
f. A Death Notice for Dosia Anderson, former postmistress in Estero, dated 22 October 1980.
g. A clipping from an unknown paper, showing Alma Trebell standing next to a picture of Koresh, in the Planetary Court.
h. A Death Notice for Harold Carleton Case, son of Carleton Case and Ada Grier, dated May 25, 2001 (date f death was Mary 24, 2001)
i. A brochure from the Shubert Theatre in New York. (n.d.)
j. The New York German Conservancy of Music Commencement program from June 19, 1907. A certificate was presented to Edith Campbell.
k. A photograph showing Thomas Trebell, father of Raymond and his parents on a bicycle built for three. Photo by the "Monarch" company of Philadelphia.
l. Seven Nursery Catalogs:
i. Royal Palm — 1909
ii. Royal Palm —1898
iii. Royal Palm — 1897
iv. Royal Palm — 1902
v. Royal Palm — 1922
vi. Royal Palm — 1911
vii. Queen Mary Nurseries — 1923
viii. Mango Growing in Florida — Ag Ext. Svcs Bulletin (No. 174)
m. An 8x10 photo showing Edith Trebell standing along a rod lied with palms. The back says "1908 Calif".
n. A photo showing P.W. Campbell and Jennie Campbell, undated in young in years.
o. An invitation, dated March 1982, for a reception honoring Hedwig Michel.
p. A formal photo of Layard Campbell.
q. A formal photograph of Edith Campbell Trebell, marked "Scherer Photo Studios, New York.
r. A formal photo of [Raymond Trebell??] by a Denver photographer.
s. An 8x10 photo of Layard Campbell.
t. A color reprint of the picture of Vesta Newcomb that the Park has.
u. A bag, containing:
i. An invitation to Christmas Dinner for Edith Trebell, Estero, from Grace and Dudley Andrews, dated December 1919.
ii. A clipping from the News—Press, dated April 28, 1973 about the Fernandez Family with a photo of Rose Soto.
iii. A clipping from the News—Press, dated June 2, 1973 about Harry Morrow, son of Ulysses G. Morrow. (with photo of Fort Myers Band).
iv. A reprint of the announcement of the suspension of the American Eagle, January 1949.
v. A typed letter to "Friends and Subscribers of the Flaming Sword", dated April 25, 1949 announcing its demise.
vi. A Christmas Card addressed to Edith Trebell, Estero, from Claude Rahn and his wife in Vero Beach.
vii. A Koreshan flyer about why the pendulum swings.
viii. A pencil drawing showing the Campbell land along the river.
ix. A form letter from the Armstrong—Emley Crankless Engine Company. ON the back is penciled, "Brother George"
x. A postcard from W.H. Morgan to Edith Trebell, dated 3/24/1962
xi. A Christmas Card to Edith Trebell from Raymond Pilgrim, dated December 18, 1956.
xii. A clipping from the News—Press, dated June 30, 1973 about Charles Viva, grandson of the first settler in Fort Myers.
xiii. A letter in pencil from "Raymond" (Trebell), dated, Estero, 4/25/1923 addressed to "Dear Grandma". He talks about the "Trailblazers".
xiv. A cancelled check from Raymond Trebell to Sykes and Hill, dated 4/2/26, for $275.00
xv. A receipt from Modern Roofing and Metal Works, Fort Myers to "Ray Trebell", dated August 23, 1956 for $75.00 for "House, kitchen roof".
xvi. A sale contract for a used 1933 Ford for $570, from Punta Gorda Motor Sales and Raymond Trebell, dated 30 April 1934.

End of inventory

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