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26 January 1892 — 14 August 1900
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36 +pages8.5 x 11 in.
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Patents relating to the Koreshan Unity
Scope & Content:
This collection of Koreshan related patent applications includes nine separate documents. They are —— 1. Oscillating Steam Engine by Frank Oliver; 2. Shaping Wood by Albert Ordway; 3. Wood and Rattan Twisting by Oscar Ordway; 4. Machine for twisting wood by Oscar Ordway; 5. Spring Rocking Chair by Albert Ordway; 6. Wood and Rattan Twist/Shape by Albert Ordway; 7. Twisting wood rods to Rope by Albert Ordway; 8. Shaping Wood by Albert Ordway; 9. Method of making Wood/Rattan Ropes by Albert Ordway.

The items are photocopies of the patents as well as some copies of the transfer of patents to Dr. Teed. The information from Mr. Littlefield concerns the Ordway manufacturing plant in Bristol Tennessee.
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