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Dates of Creation:
January 1930
Extent of Description:
3pages6x3.5 in.
Item ID:
A.K. 90 — New Year's Greeting — Jan'y 1930
Scope & Content:
Three copies. Printed form; "A.K. 90 — New Year's Greeting — Jan'y 1930" A prayer printed in three colors with a decorative border. The prayer reads: "There is coming a day of glorious rest for the world. It will be when the curse of labor is destroyed, when the lobve of money, which is the root of all evil, is eradicated by the introduction of the commonwealth; when money will be no more needed. God will thunder again from Sinai. The curse of Amalek will fall upon the oppressor of the people; and the Almighty, through his thunderings will cause the millionare to quake, for the people shall have rest. The law of God, the law of love involving the law of rest and therefore life, will go forth. — Koresh."
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