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1873, 1889, 1961, 1965, 1973
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Field Notes, Deeds, Trust Agreements and Leases relating to the Koreshan State Historic Site
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This collection of photocopies pertains to the lands now known as the Koreshan State Historic Site. In includes the "Copy of Field Notes of The Unites States Survey of Township South, Range 25 East" as well as photocopies of the "Deed and Trust Agreement" and the "Amendment to the Deed and Trust Agreement" between the Koreshan Unity and the State of Florida Department of Natural Resources. In addition, there is a lease agreement between the State and the Estero Vounteer Fire Department to use the bottom floor of the store as a meeting hall.

The Deed and Trust Agreement is date November, 1961. The Amendment to the Deed and Trust Agreement is dated 1973.
The Lease agreement is dated May 1965.

It is assumed that the originals of these documents are located in Tallahassee.