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My Dear George — Letter to George Hunt — Chicago to Estero
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This is one of the longest letters in the collection. It deals mainly with problems at Estero. The letter begins with "Love to Emma" written across the top of the first page. Teed speaks of being pleased with Hunt's work at Estero. He says, "I am always glad to know of the progress of the work there and never have a doubt of your own interest in our success as a community. I am glad to know of the success of the boy's work at the island. It affords me great pleasure to know that the boat building is promising success." With regard to problems at Estero, Teed says; "I am informed that Dr. Ruth is deprived of his opportunity to make the most of his medical practice by having been assigned to work whcih consumes his time. I have not heard that the Dr. complains but that others complain for him." Teed goes on to ask that the doctor be allowed to work as a doctor. The letter continues with praise for the work in producing lumber, and in beautification of the grounds.
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