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March 30, 1884
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1page7.25x8.75 in.
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Darling last born — Letter — Moravia New York
Scope & Content:
This letter appears to be written to Emma Norton, described as "Last Born". Jesse is happy to have received the letter and he accepts an invitation to come and visit, although he says he can't do so while his wife is visiting there. He states that "...she did not want me to tag her out there." The letter denotes either some animosity or sarcasm, or both, when Teed talks about his invitation to visit. He says; "I suppose you mean you want me to come and see you. [underline "you"]. I thank you for so kind an expression and declare, I no less want to see you. [underline you]. Later he mentions that he does want to visit, but doesn't want to do so in "...violation of orders." He also says he is caring for the household despite the threat of "...she—mates mucking around", and "She sympathizers of whom I have a terrible dread."
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