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December 6, 1878
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2pages9.5x7.75 and 4.75x7.75 in.
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Dear Sister Emma — Letter to Emma Norton — Sandy Creek to ?
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Teed remarks that he is glad to receive Emma's letter and that he is "...gaining some on the business here and am in hopes that I may get something out of it to expedite the work of our kingdom (the Lord's). I have received a letter from Father today and will send it to you, then you will better understand what I am about to write. He then goes on to tell Emma some of what he wrote to his father. He says that he joined to the Young Men's Christian Association in order to "...enlarge my sphere of action and make it and the church a stepping stone to get my truth before the world." Teed says he "...gave thjem an outline of my belief." and told them that he believed that Jesus was God, but he did not believe in the Trinity. He also said he believed that he does not use any deception in his approach. Defending his Christianity, he compares his teaching with Jesus, saying that Jesus condemned the Jews yet he was circumcised "...into that church..." Teed says he never withdrew from the Baptist church, but rather "...the church withdrew from me." He goes on to say that he has taken up an invitation to be with the Methodists. Teed says; "When Cyrus the Persian conquered Babylon he did it by getting into Babylon by strategem[?]. When the modern Cyrus conquers modern Babylon he may be compelled to go into Babylon by strategem[?] The letter closes with Teed saying that Emma may read this letter to their mother and he asks; "Can Nettie come and keep house for us?"
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