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Beary—Arnold—Putnam Collection
Dates of Creation:
1908 — 1955
Extent of Description:
Loose — 28 pages.
Item ID:
Correspondence, Bonds and Deeds.
Scope & Content:
This collection consists of 17 photographs and 28 pages of documents as well as 12 pages from a scrapbook that includes seasonal greetings etc. This is divided into manuscripts and photographs.

The donor, Ms. Boyd wrote after seeing the web site:
"My only connection was that early on 3 family members bought & owned some land there. As you will see from the old deeds, etc., one was Louisa M. Beary, my paternal great grandmother, Martha Beary Arnold, my great aunt, & her husband DJ Arnold, & Hattie Beary Putnam, my paternal grandmother. I believe they visited Estero around 1914, prior to buying the land but, to my knowledge, never returned, nor did they build on the land. The Beary family resided in Grundy & Hardin Counties, Iowa. My grandmother Hattie removed to MD following her marriage. Following the various deaths/conveyances, the land became the property of E. Louise Putnam of IA, ganddaughter of Louisa Beary & daughter of Hattie Putnam, then at her death, the property of L.E. Putnam, my father. After his death, most of same was transferred to me which I sold some years ago. Hope this answers your question.
I assume that owing property there made them members of the Unity. I have no idea how active they were but assume from several communication, that the Iowa people did keep in touch at times with what was going on down in Estero."
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