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December 19, 1898
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2pages, plus envelope8.5x11 in.
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My Dear George — Letter to George Hunt — Chicago to Estero
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This letter deals with business matters. Teed writes; "My Dear George: There seems to be some misunderstanding about the Harvey matter in Estero. I paid Harvey $500. This left a balance of about $600. This as you know is in the form of a judgement—(not mortgage). It was reported here that there was dissatisfaction on account of giving Harvey a mortgage. None was given. He had a judgement and I negotiated a payment[?] of the settlement. All the property there is in Greenfield's name. This is a matter of trust. It is all right.[underlined] Mrs Brown passed out yesterday. Mrs Griffits was cremated. Mrs Brown's funeral will be of the same, by cremation. By this time you have seen the new book. What do you think of it? We are having quite a sale of it. We are arranging to bring Allan home to Chicago. I want to send you a good man in this place. Love to all. Lovingly, Cyrus, Shepherd, Stone of Israel. [Note: This is the entire text of the letter.]
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