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Critcher Collection
Dates of Creation:
c.1950, 1984, 1999, 2003
Extent of Description:
1 binder — photocopies.
Item ID:
Critcher family materials — Letters and photographs.
Scope & Content:
This collection, housed in one box, contains the following:
Folder—1 —— The contents of a binder, with a photocopy of a document, entitled "Genealogy and Family History — Hawes, Critcher, Payson, Dam, Noyes —— Researched and Compiled by Grace Valentine Critcher Belshaw, circ 1950 —— Revised by Nancy Cornelia Carmine Thornburg, 1984". Nancy Thornburg, is the great—granddaughter of Nancy Cornelia Hawes Critcher

Folder—2 —— Letters, Correspondence etc.
Set—1 —— Consists of scanned copies of photographs. Cover letter dated April 16, 1999. Including:
1) Nancy Cornelia Hawes at about age—14;
2) A second photo of her taken about the same time;
3) Henry Critcher taken about the time of his marriage to Nancy;
4) Three photos of Nancy—one about age 30 and the other two a bit older;
5) Nancy about 1900;
6) Henry Critcher about 1900;
7) Edward Payson Critcher, child of Nancy, who was with her at the time of her death in Estero.
They consist of various items, including three letters, two of which were written by Edward Critcher, son of Nancy Critcher. The third letter was written by Virginia Andrews. All deal with the imminent death of Mrs. Critcher in October of 1917.
8) A typewritten copy of an article Nacy Critcher wrote for the "Grizzly Bear", a San Francisco publication, on January 13, 1913.
9) Three Original letters, on Koreshan Unity letterhead dealing with the accident and imminent death of Mrs. Critcher. They include:
a) Mrs. Jack Belshaw, daughter of Nancy Cirtcher, from Virginia Andrews. Dated October 9, 1917.
b) Dear Sister Grace (Mrs. Jack Belshaw), from Edward Critcher, sone of Nancy Critcher, dated October 5, 1917.
c) Dear Sister, from Edward Critcher, dated October 6, 1917.

Set—2: (dated August 19, 1999)
photocopies of microfilm images from various San Francisco newspapers, 1891—1908 concerning the Koreshan Unity and Dr. Teed and his death. (3 sets).

Set—3: (dated March 5, 2003)
A short genealogy of Nacy Crither as well as color scanned copies of photographs. Also, a CD continaing high resolution images.