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Greeting to the Discipleship of Koresh, October 18, 1918. A.K. 79
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Two copies. The text reads; "We stand upon the limbus of the rapidly declining age. The border of the New Era waits impatiently for its awakening. The destiny of cumulative cycles merges into the Grandest Epoch of humsn progress and human expectations. But a little while, and through the cognition of the Messenger of the Covenant, by the chosen vessels of God's eternal promise, the dead will begin to awake, not merely to an intellectual consciousness and memory of precious existence, but God's life will permeate the now mortal fabric, and the which is corruptable will put on incorruption, and that which is now mortal shall put on immortality. — Koresh". The ending of the prayer is loosely based on St. Paul's writings —— that which is corrupt will become incorrupt, that which is mortal will become immortal.
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