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My Dear George — Letter to George Hunt — Chicago to Estero — June 25, 1900
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Typed letter. Begins with "Your letter to me in which you refer to the sale of Tobaco (sic) is at hand. I have no recollection of making the statement ascribed to me, and did not know that the article was being dispensed from the site of the New Jerusalem", (then, written in hand),"except on heresay". The remainder of the letter deals with Hunt and his management. Teed states that he has heard about the strong feelings against management. He says "I have had the feeling that you and Emma together have attempted to force your own ideas of what should be done there regardless of the opinions of others." In a prophetic vein, Teed says that the "end" is not yet, even though the Spanish American War is the "beginning of the woes..." The letter also deals with two individuals, "Ann" and "Jacob" and Teed's desire to begin to "weed" out those "...essoteric (sic) people who know more of my doctrine and me than I do myself..."
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Teed to Hunt - June 23, 1900Teed to Hunt - June 23, 1900
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