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May 17, 1908
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3pages, plus envelope6x9 in.
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My Dear George — Letter to George Hunt — Washington D.C. to Estero
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Letter written on "National Hotel" stationary, Washington D.C. Teed deals with the business of which kind of electric lighting to use. He also talks about the address in Washington where to forward his mail. He talks about the new community in Washington which he says " about four blocks down from the White House. The street extending toward and near the Executive Mansion, not extending part of it. I have fixed up a nice little place that will accomodate about 125 people." He talks about having to keep house by himself, but that it was a relief after spending so much time in the hotel. Teed speaks of a Dr. MacCloud, " of the big guns here..." a Presbyterian clergyman who had expressed an interest to hear Teed speak. MacCloud had heard of Teed, but met him through a friend, "...Mr. Garland, the actor." The letter closes with Teed saying "Tell Allen that I have been very busy but will write him soon."
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Cyrust Teed to George Hunt-May 17 1908Cyrust Teed to George Hunt-May 17 1908
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